Margaret River is Australia’s most prominent wine region. The appellation produces more than 100 varieties of red wines and is now known for its world-class reds. Margaret River is located on the South coast of Western Australia and has a rich history. There are many beautiful vineyards in this area worth visiting by coach leaving from Perth or Albany, so there is plenty to do while exploring the region! The most popular activities in Margaret River are wine tasting, tours-especially those that will take you through a vineyard or winery on tours that include tastings, a meal, and some learning opportunities.

Below are tips on how to plan your vacation successfully.

Book your accommodation

If you plan to visit the Margaret River wine region for a vacation, there are many places to stay. These include vineyard lodges, winery hotels, and luxury hotels. If you are staying in the wine regions, you will want to ensure that your accommodation is within walking distance of your wine tour, as there will be no transportation available.

Book your wine tour

Booking your wine tour is essential if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to partake in your favourite activity. You can pay for the tours directly or through the actual wineries. If you book directly, this is an excellent option as it will cut out any middlemen who would most likely increase the price.

Be sure to bring a camera.

If you are planning on moving around while taking part in Margaret River wine tours, bring a camera with you so you can capture every moment! There is nothing like showing off your photos and videos of all of your best wine moments with family and friends back at home.

Be sure to buy a tour guidebook.

While wine tasting is enjoyable, having your tour guide book and map sightseeing areas with you can be helpful. You can download a free guide and map the area in advance so you will not get lost in the vineyards of Margaret River.

Pack your wine tour snacks and lunch with you.

Bringing along snacks, sandwiches, or any other food you may enjoy with your friends and family is essential for a successful wine tour. You will want to be sure that you pack enough for everyone in your group because there is nothing worse than arriving at a winery only to find out that there are no more food pieces available!

Choose the right time for your wine tour.

There are a variety of different tours that you can take with the same companies. You can choose from a full-day, half-day, or afternoon tour. The afternoon tour is excellent for people who may have to leave early in the morning, and it will include the same activities as a full-day or half-day tour, except that you will be finished in time to head back to your accommodation before dinner.


Margaret River wine tours are a great way to explore the Margaret River region. Many tour guides are available, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. You will indeed have a great time discovering this beautiful region and participating in wine-tasting adventures.