You may have heard that paddleboarding is quickly becoming one of the most widely enjoyed watersports across the world. It has a number of health benefits, being a brilliant full-body workout, while also welcoming those of all ages and abilities to explore their local body of water, whether a quick lake or an exciting shore.

Each year, new paddleboard enthusiasts are made, with many taking classes or jumping right in and purchasing their own board. While this is great to see, especially since it increases the interpersonal connections and experiences of an already social activity, there are a few things that beginners must consider before taking to the water.

Here’s everything that you need to make paddleboarding a new hobby, ensuring that each excursion is comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.


A leash is a type of safety strap that connects the rider to their board, typically being attached to an ankle or, in some cases, a waist. This small accessory is perhaps the most important, preventing a board from escaping reach in the circumstances that a rider is dismounted.

Leashes are affordable and come in a variety of styles, being able to match the aesthetic of a board and rider.

Choosing The Right Board

Before purchasing a paddleboard, beginners should understand the differences between solid and inflatable boards. By doing so, they will make their performance on the water, home storage, and transportation experience all the more comfortable

Inflatable boards are able to be compacted, carried and stored easily. However, some professionals prefer solid boards for their ease of use and more reliable maneuvering at high speeds. Your purchase decision will therefore end up depending on how you intend to use your board.

Changing Robe

Returning from the water and changing out of a wetsuit is made all the more simple with a changing robe. These roomy and cosy costumes allow paddleboarders to change out on the sand with privacy, while also ensuring that they dry off and warm up quickly, even on cold days.


There are a great number of paddleboarders who choose to venture onto the water not solely for exploration but also for meditation and yoga. These practitioners will not only enjoy the tranquillity of centring themselves in natural environments but, and to do so, they will require a few extra accessories, one of which is an anchor ensuring that their meditation doesn’t see them lost to the tide.

Join A Club

Taking to the water each day on one’s own can be more difficult and, in some situations, more unsafe than if individuals were to paddleboard within a group. Because of the initial learning curve as well as the risks involved with beginners finding their feet on the water, especially at sea, it is generally better for beginners to join a local paddleboarding club or pick up a new hobby with a few friends

Being a social activity will also increase the likelihood that the watersport will be enjoyed for a much longer period of time too.