Winter never comes alone. It accompanies delicious desserts, bright warm clothes, fresh vegetables, and the festival of lights, cakes, and carols. Yes, we are talking about Christmas. It is when people exchange gifts with their loved ones, cook mouthwatering dishes, decorate Christmas trees, and celebrate the birthday of Jesus. But that’s not all, specifically for the people who carry a gypsy soul inside them.

Winter is the perfect time to book domestic flight, pack your bag, and head out to these charming places where Christmas is celebrated best. These fabulous travel destinations deck up for this festival with loads of lighting, eye-catchy decorations, affordable markets, and many enjoyable events.

Have a look at these lit places now.

  1. Kolkata – the city of joy:

Just like the season of Durga Puja, Kolkata comes alive for the second time every year on 25th December. Vibrant street lights, colourful decorations, and the palatable smell of various dishes spread festive vibes to the city’s nook and corner.

Kolkata promises you the cheapest hotels, mouthwatering foods at unbelievably low prices, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and night-long mass in century-old churches on Christmas eve. Still, the best part of visiting this city during Christmas is celebrating the festivity with its friendly and cheerful people who don’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to enjoying any festival season.

  1. Goa- the brightest place to celebrate:

Vibing with like-minded people in sea-facing shacks, cocktails in pubs and bars, parties on beaches for the whole night, gothic cathedrals decked up with flowers and lights, the melodious carols in churches at midnight, you name it, and Goa has it all!

Goa has a lot of hippest places to celebrate Christmas with your friends, significant other, and family. It will always have options to have fun and enjoy the festivity. So, why wait? Start the process of air plane ticket booking right now.

  1. Shillong- the queen of North-East:

Think again if you believe there are only so many excellent spots in the Northeast where we can celebrate Christmas. Shillong, in Meghalaya, proudly stands with numerous catholic residents and churches.

So, there is no wonder that Christmas is celebrated here with abundant zeal and enthusiasm. So, start fencing a suitable hotel in Shillong now for you and your family to participate in all the engaging activities and have a plethora of fun that Shillong offers you during Christmas.

  1. Pondicherry- Enjoy cookies, cakes, and serene beaches:

The best thing about Pandicherry during Christmas is its pleasant weather, cinematic beaches to walk down to, and uncountable eye-soothing cathedrals and churches. You will always get a supply of exotic hotels and resorts.

The famous Domus Dei Cathedral is a historical place that gets elaboratively decorated at Christmas. If you want to book resorts online, plenty of sites like Ananda Heritage, Maison Perumal Hotel, etc. various Christmas markets are other attractions for tourists in Pondicherry.

  1. Kerala – God’s own country:

If you are a beach lover bored with Goa trips twice a year, Kerala is the best option to celebrate this Christmas. It’s where the scenic beauty of nature will steal your heart, and the midnight mass will sing carol with you on Christmas eve.

Local feasts, a bonfire on the beaches, and Christmas plays will make your Christmas more than merry. Besides, enjoying the Christmas special meal in a well-lit tree house will restore your love for life and the world once again.