After a night of excessive booze, you may have to deal with a hangover. Many people often ask a common question – ‘Why do I have a hangover now? I never had one before?’. The explanation can include many factors, but in general, our body’s ability to process alcohol reduces considerably with age. The good news is there are some amazing options for IV therapy to cure hangover Florida, and you can call one of these to get instant hydration and boost of vitamins and electrolytes. In this post, we are sharing more on the common hangover myths you need to stop believing.

  1. Sleeping off the hangover. While it is common for people to want to sleep for long after excessive drinking, this wouldn’t do much to cure the hangover. In fact, unless you do something for hydration and replenishing all the electrolytes, you wouldn’t feel any better.
  2. Another drink. There are people who actually believe that another drink next morning can help them do better with the hangover, which is entirely a myth. You will only add more unwanted toxins to the body from the additional alcohol that you are consuming.
  3. Coffee to cure the hangover. This is another common myth about a hangover that must be done away with. You need to know that coffee is a diuretic, which means it will actually promote more dehydration. You may feel a sudden burst of energy, but it won’t get rid of the symptoms.

Finally, it is common for some people to take medication for headache and hangover, which is again not a recommended practice. You should be trying to reduce the overall pressure on your liver and kidneys to process more medication. Go for IV therapy that is actually useful and can get you up and going in no time.