If you have suffered injuries, or harm, because of someone’s negligence, disregard for safety, or carelessness, you can file for a personal injury claim and ask for compensation. In all states, there is a statute of limitations, which basically sets the time for filing such civil lawsuits. In New Jersey, the time set is two years. This means that you have filed a lawsuit or case against the responsible person/entity within a period of two years from the date of the accident. It is best to consult a North Bergen Lyft Accident Attorney, to know what you can possibly do in your unique circumstances.

Explaining Comparative Negligence Rule

In case of car accidents, and other similar personal injury cases, you may have to share the blame, or the other party may claim that you were at fault for the incident too. This can largely impact the amount of compensation you get, even when your injuries are severe or debilitating. In this context, it is important to know the comparative negligence rule in New Jersey. This rule basically states that you will get the due compensation, minus the percentage of your share in the accident. If the other party manages to prove that the major (more than 50%) of the incident’s cause is you, no money can be received from other parties responsible or involved in the incident, regardless of their share in the blame.

Hiring an attorney

Personal injury law is complicated, and unless you have the experience of handling insurance companies, paperwork, and other legal matters, it is best to get an attorney onboard. Do not wait for long to seek legal counsel, because you would want to act and gather as much as evidence as early as possible. This is important to protect your interests, rights for just compensation.