Ecommerce is one of the most competitive and fastest-growing sectors today, especially post the COVID-19 outbreak. While the industry holds great potentials for growth and success for merchants, it has a few threats and challenges as well. The biggest challenge for any online store today is to ensure secure payments & transactions and prevent the possibilities of fraud therein. Thanks to the secure payment processing solutions, merchants can now accept online payments safely and securely.

Why do you need online payments solutions?

An online payment gateway empowers merchants to accept credit card payments online while ensuring their customers’ sensitive information (including credit card number) is passed safely to the merchant and from there (merchant account) to the payment processor via encryption. Some of the greatest benefits of secure payment processing solutions include:

  •       Transactions are secure – When we talk about online payment solutions, security should be our topmost concern other than speed and accuracy. Thanks to secure payment processing solutions that make the use of industry standard encryption-decryption for effectively protecting confidential and critical data of merchants as well as customers.
  •       Increased customer base – Your online payment gateway is the key to a broader marketplace for your merchandise as more shoppers from across the globe can shop from your store anytime they want.
  •       Quick & easy transaction –  Online payment solutions facilitate faster transactions compared to manual processing. Customers don’t need to stand in queues or visit the market in poor weather to buy things. They just need to add their desired products to the shopping cart and place the order to have it delivered right at their doorstep.

A secure online payment solution means your shop is open round the clock, which means your customers can shop whenever they want. While there are countless benefits associated with online payment solutions and gateways, choosing the right payment solution provider may not be as easy as you might think. It is mainly because of the fact that so many providers are now offering payment gateway and online merchant solutions and finding the best one requires a fair amount of research and knowledge about the available options.

Factors worth considering when choosing a payment solution provider in the USA

The selection of online payment solutions and payment gateway providers will largely depend on your business requirements. Some of the key factors that need your consideration in this regard include:

–         1. Payment flow – online payment solutions or gateways should be scalable to cater to the growing needs of your growing business. Hence, you should choose an appropriate payment flow for your business for adding a payment gateway to your website.

–         Gateway and your products – every online store needs a payment gateway provider to ensure customers can shop easily and merchants can receive payments without hassle. For choosing the right product, you may want to consider the adaptability and security of your chosen payment solution. You may take expert help in this. Payment USA helps merchants choose the right payment solutions and gateways that work well with their line of products.

–         Customers should feel safe while shopping from your store – top sellers have raised the standards and experience of online shopping way beyond our expectations. As a result, customers now want the same experience from other online stores even if the business is small or a startup. Selling online means you have some of the e-commerce giants right there as your competition, so better be prepared for it with a reliable and secure yet user-friendly online payment solution. Hence, make sure your online payment solutions and gateway provider works in compliance with the PCI.

–         Fees and contract requirements – pricing of online solutions and gateways is another important consideration and would largely depend on the type of merchandise you offer, sales/revenues you generate, the market you serve, and the frequency & consistency of transactions.

Other than these, you would also like to consider the ease of checkout on multiple devices, multiple features, easy integration, 24/7 customer support, and recurring billing among others. To learn more about the best and most secure online payment processing solutions and gateway options, you may connect with the experts like those at Payment USA.