Hong Kong is one of the largest cities in the world and also a special “case” in Asia or, why not, the world. The city is one of the most important industrial and tourist areas of China, but administratively and economically this island is autonomous, operating according to its own laws, and the inhabitants of the province are directly accountable to local authorities.

But what to do if you are new in Hong Kong? How can you buy a car, rent apartments and what places can you visit? Let’s see below!

The Best car for your budget and needs in Hong Kong
You can purchase a good vehicle, directly from a car sales center, or a trade-in car, either as the second hand car seller or direct from a private proprietor. New Hong Kong car will clearly have no mileage, be under a producer’s ensure and can cost you some more money. Find out that Hong Kong has one of the most increased “new cars charges” with a dynamic expense pace of up to 115% of the car’s worth, so purchasing used cars in Hong Kong can be a more rational decision.

Places to visit for enjoying time

The modern area of the city, with futuristic architecture and gigantic buildings combines with rural areas, with temples and altars, fishing villages and small vegetable farms. Victoria Peak is an area definitely worth visiting: it has the highest altitude on the whole island, offering an extraordinary panorama over Hong Kong. In the evening, the light show in the city is amazing.

One of the busiest neighborhoods is Mong Kok, where each street specializes in a particular product. Tourists who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city do not lack quiet places: over 60% of Hong Kong is reserved for parks, nature reserves and beaches.

Rules for renting an apartment

When renting you can pick between standard or serviced apartments in Hong Kong (outfitted and incorporates utilities and different items, e.g.: a gym center), the last will cost you some extra budget. Standard apartments for the most part come empty or partly furnished.

When you decide to rent a Hong Kong serviced apartment, you can begin via scanning for a classifieds area. That way you will have the option to deal with the proprietor straightforwardly. We advise you to look for Hong Kong apartments for rent at Hong Kong AsiaXPAT.  The site was founded by a Canadian expatriate, and began serving the expatriate community of Hong Kong in 1999. This Hong Kong directory was providing a resource for finding a property in Hong Kong, including share flats, long term leases and serviced apartments.

Many serviced apartments in Hong Kong publish special offers on their websites. You can browse listings on this website and click each site to check for deals, or you can fill in the quick quote form to contact the serviced apartment leasing teams who will get back to you promptly with any offers within your budget.

Don’t forget that your inquiry goes directly to the serviced apartments – no fees or commissions are applied.