Hong Kong is a vibrant city best known for its unique travel experiences. Most popularly known for its amazing skyscrapers and gleaming night lights, let us appreciate the fact that the city also has a bunch of natural views. From beautiful green spaces to hiking trails and of course serene beaches, you will be spoiled for choice.

Whether you are craving to view scenic, blue waters or feel your toes on the sandy beaches, there are plenty of beaches in Hong Kong to indulge. Here is the ultimate guide list of the iconic Hong Kong beaches.

Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan is an extensive and clean beach that lies at the eastern side of the Sai Kung area. The beautiful bay consists of four white-sand beaches; Tai Wan, Ham Tim, Sai Wan and Tung Wan. Rocky formations segment the beaches, but you can get from one to another through by hiking through the trails that have clear marks.

Probably the best beach in Hong Kong, you can enjoy a variety of activities like hiking, wild camping, swimming, relaxing, surfing and enjoying the solitude. It is a country park beach; therefore, there are no public beach facilities and shark nets. Sometimes the current may be too strong but not for the best swimmers and surfers.

You can get there by using the MTR to Choi Hung, leave via exit C1, then use the green minibus 1A Sai Kung Town. From there you can use a speed boat from Sai Kung Pier to one of the beaches.

Big Wave Bay beach

This beach lies on the southeastern side of Hong Kong island near Shek O beach. Located at the end of the Dragon’s Back hiking trail, it is ideal for windsurfers and summer sun-seekers.

It has a pack of big waves, excellent sun, long stretch of white sands, and magnificent scenery brought about by spectacular green mountains and emerald rock formations. You can do many activities such as golfing, surfing, swimming, sunbathing barbecuing and relaxing, Rental equipment for surfing are available paired with changing rooms and showers. There are also barbeque pits and restaurant food that make it the best choice for beach seekers.

You can get there by using the MTR to Shau Ken Wan, exit through exit A2 then use bus 9 to Shek O.

Repulse Bay beach

Its location is at southern Hong Kong island near Ocean Park. It is one of the typical beaches during the summer as international travellers land in Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific airlines. What makes it accessible is because of its convenient location, and it is a free public beach that offers clean essential public facilities such as playgrounds and bathrooms.

There is also a bunch of rafts available for renting and even exclusive restaurants and bars. You can enjoy activities such as swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, hiking and barbecuing. It is advisable to plan your visit to Repulse Bay beach early as it can have hectic weekends during the summer. It attracts massive crowds when there is god weather and holds high regard as one of the most beautiful public beaches.

To get there, you can use the MTR to the Hong Kong station and leave through exit D then take bus 6A from the nearby Exchange Square bus terminus.

Cheung Shah beach

The beach is in Southern Lantau Island that is West of Pui O beach. It has an extensive stretch of powdery sands and a multitude of restaurants and bars that serve unique and fresh kinds of seafood and cocktails so. You can stay there a little while longer to satisfy your stomach needs.

It is a safe beach for kids with assorted refreshments, and its proximity to the central city makes it easily accessible to family groups due to the efficient transport system from the airport.

It has facilities such as free showers, bathrooms, shark nets, barbecue grills and tables, lifeguard services and a vast natural park that has campgrounds to relax. Activities like family fun, body boarding, water splashing, body surfing, barbecuing,  swimming and hiking are all enjoyable at the beach.

To get there, board the ferry at central pier 6 to Mui Wo then use bus 1 or 2 to Cheung Sha.

Middle Bay beach

Located at southern Hong Kong Island, Middle Bay Beach has clean and safe water services. It is ideal for swimmers and a less overcrowded facility with safe and clean water and soft sand.

You can enjoy swimming and relaxing at your maximum as it is a small public beach with few people, so it makes for the perfect swimming activities.

It is among the readily available grade 1 swimming beaches meaning that its water quality is marked safe by the government.

You can take bus 6A, 6X or 260 from Exchange Square bus terminus and alight at Repulse Bay. from there you can walk or take a taxi to Middle Bay Beach or walk.

Lo So Shing beach

Lo So Shing beach is on Lamma island with clean water. It is a less crowded public beach with special services such as barbeque grills, lifeguard services, shark nets and changing rooms.

You can have a great time in barbecuing, fishing, relaxing, swimming, hiking and solitude. It is relatively empty due to its remote location. Lo So Shing beach is ideal because of the combination of remoteness and excellent facilities, especially if you want a natural place to relax and be alone.

If you fancy a quiet swim or spending your afternoon on the sand reading a book, you will leave Lo So Shing completely rejuvenated. It is in an excellent hiking trail at an estimated 50 minutes hiking from the Yung Shue Wan Pier making it a convenient getaway.

To get there, take a ferry at Central Pier 4 to Yung Shue Wan and follow the Family Walk. From the hilltop pavilion, it takes a 15-minute walk to get to the beach.

Long Ke Wan beach

It is in the southern, eastern part of Sai Kung Peninsula. A favourite spot for sun-seekers, Long Ke Wan, has spectacular turquoise waters and amazing rocky landscapes. It offers a fantastic travel experience due to its nature and tranquillity.

However, there are no facilities, restaurants and shops on the beach, therefore, plan before your visit to take with you enough water and supplies.

You can get there by using a taxi from  Sai Kung town to the East Dam of High Island Reservoir then a 20minute walk to the beach.