Seeking legal help after sustaining injuries in a car accident in Vegas is the most sensible step you can consider. While the laws allow you to file an insurance claim without an attorney, you may end up committing errors that can cost your settlement. Firstly, Nevada is a fault state, which allows injured victims to recover settlements from respective at-fault parties. However, if you were also liable for the accident, you may receive lower compensation. It is best to talk to an experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer about your claim. When looking for law firms, here are some red flags to keep in mind.

  1. You didn’t get a response from the lawyer’s office. There’s no denying accident lawyers deal with numerous cases regularly, but they are still expected to respond to new and potential clients. If you called the attorney’s office but didn’t get a callback, you have reasons to look for other options.
  2. They don’t want to offer a free consultation. An accident lawyer should not charge you for reviewing or assessing your claim. Do not proceed further if you were asked to pay to meet the lawyer. You can check sites like Nolo and Avvo to find local listings of attorneys in Vegas. Also, most law firms have websites.
  3. They are promising you a settlement. While a good lawyer can certainly do things to get you higher compensation, they cannot make promises. If you meet an accident lawyer and feel they are using words for mere effects, do not hire them. Instead, find someone who can be blunt and extremely straightforward with facts.
  4. They are not sharing details for further communication. It can take many months to get a settlement for your accident claim. However, you need to be in touch with your lawyer. If an attorney doesn’t have a straightforward approach to communication and how they plan to update you further, they are certainly not suitable for you.
  5. They want a retainer arrangement. Your accident lawyer should work on a contingency arrangement and should not insist on getting paid right away. If you are being asked to pay them in advance, they are misleading you. The lawyer’s fee is reliant on the outcome of the case. 

Finally, please don’t hire a lawyer unless you are confident about their ability to handle your case. You should also feel comfortable discussing the facts of the case and asking relevant questions.