In the beginning travel blogs were created so that those traveling around the world could share their experiences with friends and family back home. Very quickly more people from around the world would become interested in the blogger’s experiences, and that saw a big rise in traffic for many. The age-old problem for those who are traveling around the world has been to make money, but thanks to their blog and the traffic which they received, they were able to monetize what they were doing.

Now that the space is saturated, it is harder than ever before for bloggers to financially benefit from their blog, but using digital marketing services like Clixsy can really help. This will provide a huge boost in traffic and attention to the blog, and here is what bloggers can do with that added interest.

Sell Items

There are a number of ways in which bloggers can benefit from more traffic and make money. A great option which you could consider is to sell items on your blog. There are two approaches to this which you should consider. The first is to have your own branded items on sale such as water bottles, travel diaries and clothing, and the second is to become an affiliate. If you use certain items on the road then speak with the company to become an affiliate. Once you have done this, link the products from your site and you will receive a percentage of all sales that have come via this source.


The full circle approach here is to have advertisers using your site to promote their brand. You pay for a digital marketing company to boost your image, profile and traffic, and in return you become the site that people wish to advertise on. From content to banner ads, there are many methods by which people can advertise on your site, and they will pay you to do so.


There are many travel bloggers out there who actually pay very little to travel the world. This is because they are able to use the scale of their site to get free hotel rooms and experiences. In return the hotels and experience companies know that they will get a review written from a high ranking website, which in turn will provide them with more custom. This is becoming increasingly common and it ensures that travel bloggers are able to keep their travels going, using their blog as financial leverage.


Bloggers and businesses will very often work together on certain partnerships, but this only comes to pass when the blog is receiving a heavy amount of traffic and has some real clout. That clout will come from what a digital marketing service can deliver, and that enables the blogger to then put themselves in the marketplace for these kinds of partnerships.

This is exactly what digital marketing services will be able to deliver for your travel blog.