The historic center of Rome is not relatively massive. In fact, a fit individual can stroll around the central area and can hop over one tourist attraction to the other by foot. But then, it can as well be exhausting at times walking around the long streets. Moreover, relying mostly on public transportation in transferring from one district to the other can fray your mood. Where ever you stay in Rome, you will surely have a great holiday vacation. However, the kind of accommodation and the hotel location can greatly make a huge difference to your holiday experience.

Having said that, I would say that considering a little time looking for the best area to stay that will perfectly fit your personal preference would be worth it. However, before trying to find a hotel accommodation, it would be also best to ask yourself about where you would like to stay. Would you like to stay in a hotel near the main public transportation station so you can have a quick access for a day trip beyond the city proper? Do you want an accommodation that is far from heavy traffic and noisy neighborhood? Do you like to walk through tiny medieval streets from the main sightseeing spots back to the hotel? Or do you prefer staying at the central area of the Eternal City. All these and more should be considered in making a decision where to stay in Rome. Here are some of the places and neighborhoods in Rome that you may consider in finding a place to stay.

Spanish Steps to Trevi Fountain

If you are looking for a place where the most renowned shopping centers are located, you may consider staying near the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. These places are perfect for cosmopolitan shopaholics.

Via del Corso is one of the oldest streets in the historic center and is known as the busiest shopping street in Rome. It is comparable to the Oxford Street of London. Along the areas between the Spanish Steps and Via del Corso are narrow, lively and cosmopolitan streets where many fashionable boutiques and exclusive cafes are located.

If you will be staying near the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, you can be able to arrive at the main attractions in Rome that quickly including the alluring Piazza del Popolo, the serene Villa Borghese Park, the glamorous lane for artists known as Via Margutta and the mythical Trevi Fountain. Aside from the main sightseeing spots, you can as well find a huge number of nice bars and cozy restaurants in these areas.

Colosseum and Roman Forum

If you are among those history and archaeology aficionados, you can stay near the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Surrounding the Colosseum, the great Roman amphitheater, and the Roman Forum are a swarm of various archaeological sites and sightseeing spots, each telling their own value in the ancient Rome history and the Roman Emperors’ leadership.

Staying near the Colosseum and the Roman Forum can likewise provide you with both convenience and comfort. The public transport is conveniently located just opposite the Colosseum with many available buses. You can likewise arrive at Via del Corso for your shopping treat or at Centro Storico by foot.

Centro Storico

For visitors who are looking for a place where to stay in Rome while having their romantic travel or those who are travelling for honeymoon, you can choose to stay at the historic center or the Centro Storico. The historic center is the central area of Rome. It is comprised of many winding medieval streets and was founded over Campo Marzo. It is in Campo Marzo where the military exercises during ancient times were primarily held.

You can find most of the magnificent squares and beautiful fountains in the Centro Storico of Rome. Among those main attractions located at the historic center are Campo dei’ Fiori and Piazza Navona, which are both busy and popular for both locals and tourists alike. You can likewise find a variety of bars and restaurants along the area.


For travellers who visit Rome for a shorter period of time and for those who want have a fast and easy access for a day trip outside the city, staying at the hotel accommodations near the Termini Station is a good choice. The Termini is the main rail station in Rome where the express train from the primary airport of Rome, the Leonardo da Vinci Airport, or better known as the Fiumicino Airport arrives at. The Termini is likewise the main arrival and departure station for economical airline transport buses from the Ciampino Airport.