You are an experienced RV owner with many years under your belt. You have put tens of thousands of miles on your motorhome. You know all the ins and outs of camping like nobody’s business. You even know where the best campsites are at the best campgrounds in the country. But before you get too big for your britches, know this: even experienced RV owners need to plan ahead now.

Camping and RVing have changed a lot over the last 18 months. Thanks to the COVID crisis and its implications on travel, more people than ever before are flocking to the RV lifestyle. New units are hard to come by. So are used ones. And if you are looking for a campground with vacancy, forget finding something a week or two before you head out. You now have to plan months in advance.

It is a Mad, Mad Rush

You have been at it long enough to know that RV skirting is your best friend in colder temperatures. You’re also smart enough to know that you won’t have to fight for campsites after Labor Day. That is all well and good, but what do you do between now and then?

If you haven’t yet begun planning for your summer trip, it might already be too late. Get cracking right now. You might get lucky and find an open site or two in your preferred destination. But then again, you might have to choose a different destination thanks to the mad, mad rush that is now the RV lifestyle.

Planning six months in advance might not be something you are used too. Yet if things keep going as they are now, we may reach a point at which campers have to make plans a year out – or even more. That’s just the nature of the beast. This mad rush to RVing has more people hitting the road in motorhomes and fifth wheels than current campground capacity can accommodate.

Apply Your Winterizing Diligence

So, just how much planning do you have to do? AirSkirts, a Connecticut company that sells a revolutionary RV skirting system, recommends you apply your winterizing diligence to planning your summer and fall trips. In other words, you probably already have some of the materials you’ll need for winterizing. You already know what has to be done when temperature start to fall.

When the time arrives, you will spring into action by doing all those things you do every year. It will be second nature to you. Moreover, what you do will be done right. You know the role proper winterizing plays in extending the life of your motorhome or trailer, and you intend to give it your best effort.

Apply that same diligence and mindset to planning your next few trips. Look ahead to where you might want go months from now. Start contacting campgrounds and making reservations. If your rig is going to need a service, schedule an appointment as soon as you can get one. If you need to invest in new equipment and supplies, start shopping now.

Everything Takes More Time

Time is the reason you have to plan so far ahead. With so many people getting into the RVing lifestyle, everything now takes more time than it used to. It takes more time to get a trailer inspected and serviced. You need more lead time to get a reservation. That is just the way it is.

Even with all your experience, you need to plan well in advance of your next trip. Plan on things being that way until the current rush stabilizes and slows down.