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When it comes to New York State, the Big Apple is often what gets the most attention. After all, New York City is the biggest and most populous city in the entire country, so there’s no surprise why the city gets the lion’s share of attention. That being said, the rest of New York state, known as Upstate New York, still has a lot to offer both residents and tourists alike. Upstate New York has both natural beauty and artificial entertainment, so if you close on one of the Albany houses for sale, you can be sure that you’re moving into a great region. However, with such an expansive space and so many activities to take part in, it can be rough narrowing down what activities to do in Upstate New York. So what are the best regional activities to take part in? Here’s what to do while in Upstate New York.

Day Trip to the City

A common way to spend a day in Upstate New York is by taking a day trip to one of the many cities in the region. At first, this may seem like a silly idea when a city as famous as New York City isn’t that far away, but the idea still has its merits. There are plenty of great cities in Upstate New York like Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, and Buffalo. While these cities may not be as big as New York City, they still have lots of unique offerings. In addition, prices are usually much cheaper than they are in New York City since tourism demand is so much lower. As a result, a day trip to one of the many great cities in Upstate New York could be a great way to spend the day.

Wine Tour

One of the best ways to spend a day in Upstate New York is by taking a wine tour. There are plenty of amazing vineyards and wineries for you to visit in Upstate New York. In fact, regions like the Finger Lakes are well known for having some of the best wineries in the entire state. There are many wine trails and tours that you can go on, allowing you to tailor your trip to whatever you like. You may think that Long Island wineries are high-quality, but you haven’t seen anything until you see the wineries in Upstate New York.

Lake Day

Another great thing about the Upstate New York region is the amazing lakes that are in the region. There are several amazing lakes for you to enjoy, ranging from the Finger Lakes in the Southern Tier to the Great Lakes in the North. These lakes are some of the largest and most beautiful in the entire country, let alone the state of New York. If you’re looking for a great time, try renting out a lake house on one of these amazing lakes for the weekend. Here you can engage in a wide variety of lake activities, ranging from canoeing to simply lounging on the shore. If you’re looking for a fantastic way to spend your time in Upstate New York, there’s no better option than some lake days.


Although there are hiking trails and locations all across the country, Upstate New York is home to some of the best. In Upstate New York, you can find some amazing natural locations, like the Adirondack State Park or the Ausable Chasm. These natural wonders are amazing places to hike, and they offer breathtaking sights. There are over a million acres of public land in the Adirondacks alone, meaning that you’ll surely never run out of hiking territory. In addition, there are trails and paths that span all levels of hiking difficulty, allowing you to tailor your hike to your party’s experience. If you’re looking for something outdoorsy to do in Upstate New York, going for a hike is always a rock solid option.