Degree certificates, passport copies, mark sheets should be authenticated to ensure their validity before traveling abroad. If you plan to study in another country, visit a foreign country, or start a foreign country business, you need apostille Arizona services.

In the past, the process of authenticating important documents was complicated, and many people shied away from the process. Apostille services seek to shorten the lengthy procedure and make it more accessible to residents who want to travel to foreign countries.

What is Apostille?

Apostille merely means certification of documents. An apostille is a document issued by the Secretary of State; it is attached to original and essential documents. The primary aim of the document is to verify that the document is original. It detests any duplicate documents and verifies that the owner of the documents is the real owner.

Most foreign countries will not accept documents that don’t have an attached apostille. Documents such as educational certificates, birth certificates, and divorce decrees should have the attached document.

Circumstances That Require an Apostille

All public documents issued by the various bodies in the government should have an apostille. A foreign country has no means of verifying if the documents are original except with the apostille document. The document will prove that the person who has signed the document can do so. It also proves that the document was obtained legally, and the owner has the legal capacity to possess the document.

What are the requirements when obtaining an apostille certificate?

  • A notarized document-you must present an original document or the certified copy of the original document to the secretary of state. The secretary then checks for the originality of the document before issuance of the apostille certificate.
  • Processing fee-the fee of processing the apostille certificate differs depending on the state. Most states charge depending on the number of documents.
  • A request form-a request form is where you fill your information such as phone number, names, mailing information, among others. In the request form, you will also give details about the country you are traveling.

Benefits of Apostille Certificate

When you are traveling to foreign countries producing original documents is not enough. The country needs to certify that the documents are original. The apostille certificate ascertains one’s identity.  It also helps in the minimization of illegal procedures of verifying documents.

Another advantage of the apostille certificate is the economic development of a country. It helps in the starting up of business by foreigners in a legal and right manner. The penetration of business by foreigners is a pathway to economic growth for most countries.

Bottom Line

An apostille certificate is a necessary document when traveling to a foreign country. The certificate is issued by the secretary of state to ascertain if various documents are original. Suppose you wish to apply for the certificate, in that case, you need to submit your original document and pay specific processing for the document. However, there are specific countries that accept the certificate, those registered at apostille convention.