It may be surprising, but even long car owners can be caught out when renting a car for overseas trips. This not due to a lack of proficiency on their part, but rather because car rental in foreign countries contains new variables that they are not familiar with.

With this in mind, we have written his article to cover 3 factors that should be considered before you engage daily car rental Singapore services.

Transmission Type

It is easy to overlook given that you might possess a car of your own, however the transmission type plays an important role when choosing a car to rent. For starters, your car license would determine whether you are eligible to rent a manual car or only automated cars.


Nevertheless, in addition to your license qualification, you should likewise consider your comfort level with each. Considering that you would be most likely be driving a distinct car model from what you are comfortable with, having some level of familiarity with its operation would be of wonderful assistance.


Another consideration to be paid is that automated cars do typically cost you more to rent. This makes manual transmission cars more prominent for those who are comfortable driving stick and who are aiming to save money on rental costs.

Fuel Type

Rental cars may run on petroleum or diesel. It is very important that you are clear concerning the gas that the car depends upon for its power as using the incorrect fuel could result in dreadful outcomes. When returning the car to the rental business, filling up the car with the wrong fuel would certainly trigger damages which you would certainly be accountable to pay for.

Extra Fuel

Depending upon the car’s usage as well as the route of your trip, you may require a car that is more cost-effective with gas. This will assist you to reach each destination securely with buffer fuel to save. Additionally, if you are planning to drive to even more separated locations, then consider bringing along added gas in your boot for the journey.

Fuel Availability

One other way in which your route will affect your road trip would be the availability of the type of fuel which the car utilises. For those who are planning to drive far from the initial rental location, do consider informing the company of your travel plans. In this way, they would be able to tell you if the car of interest is suitable based on fuel availability.

Final Advice

When renting your car, be sure to inform the agent of all your plans and get them to give feedback on your choice of vehicle. Their past experience in road trips and car rentals could help you to uncover any loopholes in your current travel plans.