Frequent travelers practically live in a suitcase. And we totally get why.

It’s annoying to pack and unpack, then pack yet again. It’s a vicious cycle.

So if you want to spare yourself the annoyance of having to constantly redo the insides of your luggage every time you have a trip—which in your case is all the time—make sure you leave the important ones inside your luggage, especially those you use often during trips.

But just a gentle reminder, you can unpack the rest including dirty clothes obviously because you don’t want to bring them on your next trip. Trust me. Safety comes first, and then hygiene comes as a close second.

Here are seven must-have travel items that you need:

1. Travel pillow

We all need a good travel pillow to help us through red-eye flights, long haul road trips, and even delayed schedules.

Take every opportunity of sleep you can get when you’re on the road or on the plane. It allows your body to recharge before your busy adventure ahead. Not to mention that it tricks our minds to have as much comfort as we can have even with the weird sleeping positions we often find ourselves in during flights and road trips.

A travel pillow is your weapon against going head to head with a window or a chair. No one wants to have a weird-looking bump on their forehead after waking up from a nap.

2. Expandable luggage

Every frequent traveler needs the best carry-on that will allow you to bring all the necessary items on this list, along with all your clothes. This will be your constant companion, so it really has to be a trusty one that can withstand countless trips no matter the weather.

We suggest getting yourself expandable luggage. This type of luggage is flexible enough in case you need to add more items in your bag. It also won’t look bad or too big for you if you plan to bring less.

A carry-on must also be easy to maneuver around especially if you need to do a lot of walking.

3. Portable steam iron

No matter how much we fold or roll our clothes carefully inside our luggage, it doesn’t guarantee 100% wrinkle-free clothes.

Before you lose your patience on things that are out of your control, remind yourself that the existence of new technology means we are in better hands now.

Thanks to a portable steam iron that heats up in just 15 seconds, our clothes will never come out wrinkly ever again no matter how tightly-packed it might have been inside your luggage.

4.  Portable battery

We wouldn’t be caught dead running around with a smartphone or a camera with a low battery.

Our lives would depend on it because most often than not, everything we need to know about our trip is saved on our phones. This could be your itinerary, accommodation details, maps of places we want to visit, and a few more essential information that could make or break our vacation.

That is why bringing a portable battery pack is important to make sure that even if we drain the battery of our gadgets, we would still be able to keep it alive for a couple more hours.

5.  Universal adapter

We can’t just easily assume that every country shares the same power outlet. Well, after countless trips, you probably know by now that they are not all the same.

A universal adapter should always be inside your luggage no matter where you go. It’s going to keep you sane especially when you have no idea what type of outlet the country you are visiting has.

Besides, you probably need more than just one power adapter with all the gadgets you plan to bring during a trip. Smartphones, camera, laptop, all these digital items need to be charged every so often.

6. Reusable water bottle

To keep yourself healthy during any trip, it’s always a must to maintain proper hydration. We have to keep ourselves cool given the crazy weather changes that we are experiencing now.

Buying water bottles isn’t advisable especially now that we are advocating for a sustainable lifestyle. Plastic bottles are our number one enemy when it comes to that.

So bringing your own reusable water bottle every trip means you keep yourself hydrated and at the same time, you do not contribute to the growing plastic problem that has been polluting the Earth for so many years now.

7. Travel-size kits

Toiletries should be on top of our travel necessity list. While we can mostly get shampoo, conditioner, and soap at the hotel we’re staying at, they don’t have your other essentials like face wash, deodorant, lotions, and other hair styling products that you need in your everyday life.

To make sure you are covered, a travel-sized kit of all your toiletries are important staples inside your luggage. This must always be replenished all the time since travel is your way of life.

Just keep in mind the allowed quantity of any liquid items to make it easy for you to pass through airport security gates.