Gujarat is one of the most developed states in India at present and is also the westernmost in the country. The terrain is varied, and there are some amazing places to visit here. The state draws its name from the Gurjara ā€“ a subtribe of the Huns. Gujarat gained its present state in 1960 after Bombay was divided into the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The pro-business approach of the government has brought about a revolution in the industrial sector of the state. Being culturally diverse, the state took part in trade even during the prominence of the Greeks and Romans. With such a fantastic affinity for commerce, it is easy to spot hotels with good conference rooms in the country. Gujarat is also home to many business entrepreneurs and dynamic industrialists.

The industrial policy of Gujarat is promoting sustainable, robust, and inclusive growth. It is among the first states of India to have emerged as ‘investor-friendly’. The state has great financial discipline and has a rationalized tax structure in place. You can easily put up an exhibition center to display your trade models in the hotels here.

Hyatt Regency, Ahmedabad:

Situated in the business district, Hyatt Regency offers an energized environment to the guests. With amenities like flat-screen TVs, a comfortable seating area and free Wi-Fi, the place is very comfortable for business meetings and conferences. With swimming pools and an upmarket design, the hotel is suitable for business deals.

The Leela Palace, Gandhinagar:

The Mahatma Mandir Convention & Exhibition Centre is the largest convention centre, built for exhibitions and the like. The facility can accommodate as many as 15,000 delegates and is fully air-conditioned. The marvellous architecture draws inspiration from the philosophy and life of Mahatma Gandhi. The suspension bridge leading to the museum on Mahatma Gandhi commemorates the Dandi March.

The Imperial Palace, Rajkot:

The Imperial Palace is a masterpiece of elegance. The level of comfort and the luxury available in the hotel is simply unprecedented. The hotel offers spacious rooms and an amazing place for a business conference or meetings.

Gujarat ā€“ the business hub, is a great place to conduct conferences and share your ideas and products. Those mentioned above are some of the best places to enjoy a pleasant stay and enjoy success, too.