Summer is the best time for a road trip. Just you, your family, the road and all the beautiful places you can visit. The only tedious part is the extended time you will be spending cooped up in your car. Ensuring you’re a little extra prepared this season to protect your car, yourself and your loved ones this summer by checking out these car care tips for hot weather.

In the heat of summer, your car can quickly become a box that traps heat, making you and your family miserable. But that does not have to be the case at all. It is simple to keep cool when you are travelling long-distance by car. All you have to do is follow these top tips.

Preparation is Key

Before your road trip, it is ideal for you to send your car for servicing. Besides making sure that your vehicle is road-ready, it can also help to keep you feeling fresh on your trip.

Pay attention to the maintenance of your air conditioner. Having it properly serviced will ensure that you will be surrounded by crisp and clean air during your trip.

Windscreen Woes

Keep your car from becoming a greenhouse by making sure your windscreens are clean. Dust and other particles can diffract light, pointing rays every which way.

Besides being dangerous for you as you are driving, it can also cause glare for the other occupants of the car. One great way to cap off the car’s temperature is by having your windows and windscreen tinted. This limits the light rays filtering into the car itself.

Keep Hydrated

During your trip, you must be sure to keep everyone adequately hydrated. It is better to have to stop for more toilet breaks than to suffer from dehydration or heat stroke.

Besides preparing enough water for everyone, you can consider freezing a bottle or two the night before your trip. This gives you fresh water throughout the day.

Look out for these signs of dehydration in your travel partners to make sure everyone has a great trip. Thirstiness, dry or sticky throat, dark yellow pee, headaches and muscle cramps are all symptoms of dehydration. Having some isotonic drinks on hand can help to dispel these effects fast.

Natural Breezes

If you are on a long stretch of road out in the open, you might want to give the A/C a break and roll down the windows. This can help ventilation inside the car and prevent the engine from being overburdened.

A fresh, natural breeze will be refreshing for everyone. However, be sure not to do this when stuck in a traffic jam as you will only get exhaust fumes from other cars.

Direct Flow

If you have children in the backseat, dedicate one or two of the front A/C vents to them. Point the vent upwards so that the flow will be directed to the backseat. This helps to cool down the car immensely and quickly.

Cool Comfort

Make sure your baby occupants are safe, comfortable and relaxed by getting them strapped into the right baby car seat. Besides being a lawful safety precaution, car seats give extra support and padding to keep your children comfortable during long car trips.

Having accessories such as a sunshade can also help to keep your baby cool. You can attach small fans to the car seat to ensure proper ventilation for your child. It’s also a good idea to have a baby stroller ready to go in case you need to take a break and get out of the car, go for a walk or stop for something to eat along the way.

Spray and Mist

Sweating might be uncomfortable, but it works to help you cool your body temperature. Mimic this effect by spraying some water onto sun-heated skin. When the water evaporates, you will be left with a cool, refreshing feeling.

Plus, doing this comes without the sticky effect of typical sweat. Having a bottle of water to spray on yourself can also be a fun thing for young kids. Just make sure they don’t overdo it.

Image Pixabay License CCO