The geothermal wonders of Budapest are no secret and it has earned the illustrious nickname ‘City of Baths.’ For centuries, the rejuvenating hot springs in Budapest have been utilized for their healing properties.

Spa culture flourished under the Ottoman Empire as the Turks constructed numerous baths from the city’s hot springs. Budapest has lived through countless eras since, but cleansing rituals have remained engrained in its society.

Today, savvy spa goers flock to Budapest for the healing powers of its spa baths and leave feeling as good as new.

Read below to find out the most popular spa baths in Budapest and which ones are a must visit!

  1. Széchenyi Thermal Baths

With 15 indoor pools and colossal outdoor pools, Széchenyi is the grand daddy of spa baths in Budapest! The beautiful Baroque-style building hosts a vast complex of pools, saunas, whirlpools and steam rooms. You’re forgiven for getting lost in this convoluted network of swimming holes.

Being such a massive facility, Széchenyi is bound to see its fair share of visitors. Nearly two million individuals per year seek the famous spa bath to soak in the revitalizing mineral water.

The overwhelming popularity of Széchenyi has made it more of a tourist hotspot than local hangout but the alluring architecture is worth the visit. Don’t leave without gazing at the striking mosaics that line the hallways.

If you’re up for a party, Széchenyi hosts raging spa parties frequently throughout the summer. Adeptly labeled “Sparties,” the spa baths feel more like a rave with reverberating music and flashing neon lights.

  1. Gellért Baths

Smaller in size but equal in architectural beauty to its slightly more famous counterpart, Gellért Baths is another staple of Budapest’s spa baths.

You will find a more local vibe during the week but travelers frequently dip their toes in the facility’s 10 total pools. The splendor of Gellért is accentuated by its exquisite mosaics, aqua-blue tiles and columns lining the pools. Stepping inside feels like you are about to relax with royalty from Ancient Rome.

In addition to the soothing waters inside the heated pools, you have the option of enjoying a massage or soaking in thermal baths. The transparent windows brilliantly capture the sun’s rays giving the facility tons of natural light.

For more sunlight, hop into the outdoor pool and spend sunny days relaxing under the warmth of the sun.

  1. Lukács Baths

Health and wellness are taken with the upmost seriousness at Lukács Baths. Locals frequently visit the facility to partake in the invigorating health benefits to treat various conditions.

Lukács lacks the glitz and glam of more instafamous spa baths in Budapest but it has been beloved by visitors for over a century. The plagues lining the walls from previous guests tell the story about the generosity of the staff. Each one is a show of appreciation for excellent service.

The facility boasts only six pools but has a plethora of facilities to treat medical conditions. Steam baths, massages and a Himalayan Salt Room are among the services provided for visitors.

Recently, Lukács Baths has received more attention from worldly travelers, and pool parties are hosted by the facility.

  1. Rudas Baths

Go back in time to the days of the Ottoman Empire in this spa bath dating back to the 16th century. Experience how the Turks spent their days in the pools and take in the alluring scenery.

The authentic Turkish-style bath is centered around an octagonal-shaped pool with a domed roof. Six thermal baths, saunas and refreshing drinking water provide a therapeutic experience. The lone outdoor heated pool is situated on the rooftop but offers sensational views of Budapest.

Rudas operates a bit differently than other spa baths being co-ed only on the weekends. Men and women have their own days to enjoy the Turkish baths and traditional attire is worn instead of swimsuits.

  1. Király Baths

Király offers a cozier, more affordable spa bath experience compared to more famous locations. Going back to the time of Turkish rule, the facility is steeped in history and has maintained its charm. It claims the title of oldest spa bath in Budapest and mixes multiple eras of history.

Where else can you see Turkish baths from the Middle Ages and Communist era writings etched on the wall?

Only four indoor pools are available, but you will have no issue fighting the crowds. Recent additions have included saunas and a jacuzzi for some modern flair. With that being said, the historical aura is what makes Király Baths one of the most underrated tourist attractions in Budapest.

  1. Dandár Thermal Baths

Dandár is the ultimate hidden gem for the spa baths scattered across Budapest. Far away from the tourist crowds, this delightful bath lets you hang strictly with the locals.

The facility added two outdoor pools and a sauna for a more complete spa experience. Like other medieval-style baths, Dandár lets your drink water with beneficial properties. Thermal baths, massages, tub baths and a sundeck are also offered at the facility.