Cornwall is rich in natural beauty and wildlife, which is one of the reasons why so many tourists flock to it every year. But if you want to surround yourself in nature and really appreciate the local wildlife – what should you do?

To be perfectly honest there are lots of ways to enjoy the nature and wildlife in Cornwall, and some of the most interesting are:

  • Go on a boat trip

Along the coast there are many ports and harbors that will let you go on a wildlife watching boat trip. If you want to catch a glimpse of some of the extraordinary ocean wildlife in the area, or enjoy watching coastal birds – you should definitely consider this option.

The boat trips that are available can vary quite a bit. Some may offer specific programs such that look for dolphins, seals, sharks, whales, or other animals. Other trips may follow a specific route that lets you explore a stretch of the coast.

  • Pitch a tent and camp

If getting closer to nature is your goal, nothing beats pitching a tent and camping. With so many campsites available in Cornwall it should be easy enough to find one that fits your requirements.

Some of the campsites may even have certain facilities that you enjoy, such as private fishing ponds, parks, or wildlife trails. Aside from that you may also want to choose a campsite that is close to other wildlife or natural attractions that you plan on visiting.

It should be noted that campsites in Cornwall don’t all require that you completely ‘rough it out’. Instead many offer various amenities and facilities to make camping a little bit easier – such as electricity supply, hot showers, laundry, and so on.

  • Try a coastal walk

One of the best ways to appreciate the spectacular Cornish coast is to hike along one of its coastal walks. The coastal paths will take you along giant cliffs that drop precipitously into the ocean, sublime leafy enclosures, pristine estuaries, and much more.

To be perfectly honest there are lots of coastal walks available, and your best bet is to find out which one is the closest to where you’re staying. If you’re feeling adventurous and have the stamina for it you may want to travel and check out specific walks in other areas too.

Make no mistake, there are other ways to appreciate the natural beauty of Cornwall as well, and it is up to you to figure out where your preferences lie. That being said the three ideas listed above are definitely interesting options that should help you get started.

In addition to exploring the nature and wildlife, you should bear in mind that there are lots of other things to do in Cornwall too. To be honest there are so many activities and attractions available that you’ll be spoilt for choice – so be sure to look them up and figure out what you’re interested in beforehand.