At home, it feels good to eat delicious food, but the feeling of satisfaction you get when you eat great food during vacation is phenomenal. The superb meals you love while you’re on vacation will be significant highlights of your trip. Attending food events is not only a fantastic way to accustom yourself to the place but to know more about the culture through their food.  

Here’s a list of the top 5 destinations we believe are perfect for foodies:

La Sagra Del Cappero in Fiore (Sicily, Italy)

The fertile soil (thanks to Mt Etna) and the sunny climate generate the best home-grown produce. Cook that together with seafood from the surrounding ocean, and you have a recipe for some truly delectable meals. Sicily should be on your travel roster for sure.

One of the famous islands of Sicily is Salina. Its glorious beach, Pollara, has turned up as a premier movie location. Pollara’s overhanging cliff is the best spot to watch the picturesque sunset. Salina is also popular because it hosts one of the best food events, the La Sagra Del Cappero in Fiore (Festival of the Caper in Bloom).

The Aeolian cuisine perfectly resembles the Mediterranean diet. It is the combination of nutritious and tasty food using basic ingredients that are considered by most as the most effective way to stay healthy. The festival in Salina acknowledges the key ingredient to the Aeolian cuisine, the capers.  

Celebrated every June, the locals prepare dishes with organically grown capers to show the versatility of the product and it gives more oomph for any dish. However, the festival offers more than just feeding their guests with their caper specialties — it includes street games, musical shows, and sports events.

The music, dances, wine tasting, and fine dining enchant many visitors to return to this island very soon. 

Streats (Singapore)

If you enjoy Asian cuisine, then Singapore is the best place to be. There’s a diverse range of cultures including Chinese, Indian and Malay, as well as European influences, owing to its proximity to these countries and its history. This diversity produces some of the most exquisite dishes in Asia, ranging from traditional to a blend of cuisines with a twist.

The Singapore Food Festival (SFF) celebrates the culinary culture of Singapore every July. The festival brings together theatrics from seasoned chef dinners and street food tours. The SFF is full of events that young and old alike enjoy.

The most awaited main event of SFF, STREAT, features modern interpretations of local dishes. During STREAT, not only do you get a chance to sample the served food, but you can also sign up for the various workshops offered by Singaporean culinary artists and get a personal experience of cooking the dish. 

St. Barth’s Gourmet Festival (St. Barthelemy)

Saint Barthelemy is a haven for both the gourmands and the foodies. If it were not, there wouldn’t be the continuous new restaurants and bistros that sprout up on the island. A real treat for every traveler, the island offers different choices from fine dining in five-star resorts as well as delicious local cuisine from the sidewalk cafes.

Every 1st week of November, St. Bart’s tourism committee organizes the St. Barth Gourmet Festival. The festival is a major culinary event and attracts a lot of visitors. The festival is a celebration of French epicureanism that is rounded out with other culinary activities and competitions. 

Margaret River Gourmet Escape (Western Australia)

Celebrating the world of gastronomy happens when you attend food events, not just a simple summertime barbecue party, but in a place where your tastebuds sing with delight. Down south, nothing screams barbecue more than Australia, but the country is more than that. It’s one of the top destinations for gourmands that seek a great culinary adventure.

Held on the shores of Margaret River is a week-long event every November which centered on local dishes, the best wines, and off-the-farm recipes. Moreover, it also has masterclasses headed by international chefs, yacht trips, brewery tours, and thematic luncheons. 

Salon De Chocolate (Quito, Ecuador)

For more than a decade, Ecuador has been celebrating South America’s Chocolate Festival. As the top producer of premier chocolate, they held their annual festival at the country’s capital, Quito. During the festival, one of the main events is the competition between chocolate artisans to create the perfect chocolate sculpture. There are also various vendors that sell chocolate delicacies on the streets.  The confections are delectable, and it further promotes the chocolate industry of the country.

For the love of travel and food

Food can be powerful. It has the capacity to form and define your experiences on your vacation. It is also a vital component of society and life. Eating locally-made food in other countries will significantly enrich your cultural experience. It’s exciting for foodies to know that eating a good meal isn’t restricted to our own cities’ restaurants and cafes, and it’s a great reason to be enthusiastic about traveling.