If you are travelling to Copenhagen for the first time, you may find the city surprising. While it feels town-like based on its look, it has the buzz and vibrancy that matches most of Europe’s biggest cities. Copenhagen is also a city where you can go to the world’s oldest Luna parks, spend time riding the waterway waves, and enjoy mouth-watering street food. You can do all these within just a day.

Because of the many things to do and places to visit in Copenhagen, planning your time efficiently here can be challenging. The pressure even builds up if you are travelling with a group and you are in charge of the itinerary. That is why you need to make plans even before you arrive. Take your time creating a list of places to visit and to-dos. Make sure to include the following activities for your first-time visit to Copenhagen:

Visit the City’s Street Food Markets

Copenhagen is home to a lot of street food markets where you have unlimited opportunities to fill your tummy. Visit Papirøen and head to one of the stalls that sell everything from Japanese food to juicy steaks and craft beers. Also, the Torvehallerne street food market is worth a visit where you can have a great weekend brunch or purchase fresh seasonal ingredients if you want to make your own. Remember that cooking is possible in Copenhagen even if you are a tourist if you choose to stay in one of the hotel apartments in Copenhagen where a kitchen is available. If you want to have a quick bite and drink with your family or friends, go to Koedbyen, the city’s meat packing district market.

Go to the Tivoli Gardens

Any visit to Copenhagen can only be complete with a trip to Tivoli, which is Europe’s greatest theme park. This inner-city park is filled with many historic rides including the Rutschebanen Rollercoaster. The gardens will fill your eyes with amazing sceneries.

Feel Like a Royal at Rosenborg Castle

Denmark is home to many castles but Copenhagen’s Rosenborg Castle is a top favourite. It will walk you through the Danish history and the castle’s beautiful artistry that embodies Danish architectural prowess.

See the Little Mermaid

Every first-time visit to the Danish capital should include a fleet trip to see the Little Mermaid. This will give you a photo opportunity of the most popular landmarks in the city. A few minutes of viewing the little mermaid’s pose can complete your visit.