Vegas is stuffed with thrills and excitement, but probably the most fun steps you can take whenever you go to the city would be to have a side visit to the Grand Gorge.

The easiest method to feel the gorge is with an air tour, and plane tours are the most cost effective option. Free Airline Rim from the Grand Gorge is 120 miles from Vegas, as well as your plane could possibly get there within half an hour. One factor about plane tours from Vegas is you can also choose tours that fly towards the south Rim, and also you can’t do this with helicopter tours given that they only visit the West Rim. Although you’ll spend around an hour flying from Vegas towards the south Rim to start your tour, it is a much faster method of getting there than going through bus or car.

Planes leave daily from various locations in Vegas. If you are prepared to leave Boulder City, that is a suburb of Vegas, it can save you some cash in your tour.

Different Tours Available

Like several tours towards the gorge, the plane tours have a wide range of choices. You might want an excursion that flies within the gorge and returns, or you might want one which lands in the gorge so that you can explore. The flyover tours offer you breathtaking views from the amazing landmarks found in the gorge region. Including aerial views from the massive Hoover Dam and scenic Lake Mead.

If you wish to land in the gorge, you can select a package that is included with a flight ticket that can take you to definitely the foot of the gorge close to the Colorado River. This tour may also incorporate a float tour across the river because it wends with the towering gorge walls. Another factor that you can do on the landing tour is go out around the Grand Gorge Skywalk. The Skywalk is definitely an amazing structure made from glass that allows you to go out past the side from the gorge and appear lower 4000 ft towards the gorge floor below you. The South Rim comes with an exciting land tour you can include for your package too, it is a 4×4 ride with the park and also the South Rim may be the only spot to offer this sort of tour.

Selecting The Very Best Tour

If you want some assistance selecting the best tour, you should think about using the 4×4 tour upgrade in the South Rim or even the boat ride upgrade in the West Rim. This way, you will see the gorge in the ground and in the air, so you’ll double your fun.

The De Havilland Twin Otter airplanes are utilized on many of these tours. The planes hold 19 people per tour, and also the cabins are equipped for an excellent sightseeing experience. The wings around the airplanes are situated in a way so that they don’t obstruct views in the home windows.

The seating is extremely comfortable and also the cabin is fully climate controlled. A tape is supplied to narrate your tour in various languages. There’s as many as eleven languages to select from, that is great should there be non British-speaking individuals your tour group.


Helicopter around the gorge could be the most heavily promoted, but you’ll enjoy yourself if you go searching for an airplane tour rather. You’ll be able to choose from free airline and South Rims for the tour destination, and you will get available a number of choices should you book a landing tour. Understandably, the plane tours are extremely popular, so purchase your tour early. Purchase your tour two days ahead of time a minimum of, and you will not just have an improved chance at getting seats, you will also obtain a better deal.